cards and resolutions.

I am a bit behind this season with a couple of things.

1.  I had the BEST intentions for doing Christmas cards… but it just didn’t happen.  So I am planning on New Year cards.  Or maybe Spring cards.  We’ll see.

2. New Years Resolutions/Goals.  I have been reflecting on my year and I am planning to come up with some goals for this year and I will post them as soon as they are well-thought-out and polished.

To me, I am still in last year because I am still working on last years photos.  Once I am done all of those it will feel like a new year and so I will probably start living out my resolutions after that.  Until then, I’m pressing forward (despite my computer which is always coming up with new ways to slow me down!).  Pray for me!



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2 responses to “cards and resolutions.

  1. what a bummer when life gets in the way of good intentions! but i love the idea of sprng cards…i may steal it from you…it’s nice to get a card when you don’t expect one :)

  2. I haven’t done my new years resolutions/goals yet either. And if to be honest I’m also in the year 2008, ’cause I have so many school stuff still to do. So we are kinda in the same boat:) Let’s do a little competition – who gets to the year 2009 first :D And the goals have to be set also.
    Love you!

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