Baby love. 4/28

I could just cry right now.  My heart is bursting a bit.  I had such an amazing day.  Eva slept until 9:30.  I knew she was awake because I heard a little sneeze come from her room.  I peeked in and she was just laying there, her eyes open, looking around. 

I went in and she announced happily: “I wake up!” 

Then one of my favourite things happened.  I walked over to her crib and scooped her into my arms.  Morning snuggle.  Breathing in my beautiful little girl, her soft curls, in the golden morning light. 

As I was changing her I said, “It’s Nana’s (my mom’s) birthday today!”

“Yes!” she said (she’s always saying a clear “yes” these days).  “And Eva!” (not sure what she meant by that…)

We got ready for the day and were picked up by Buffy and the kids to go to the Leisure Centre.  Our Moms and Tots group was going to an indoor jungle gym today.  Eva was very excited.  We climbed and went down the slides and played a lot.  She had so much fun! 

“Are you going to go down the slide now?” I would ask.

“Yes!” she would reply.  “Mommy too?” 

And we would run off together, hand and hand.  Laughing and smiling.

Buffy and I thought that all the kids would pass out on the way home, but only Cally (Callie?  sorry Buffy, I don’t know how you spell it!)  did.  Conroy, Camryn and Eva happily chattered the whole way home.  It was clear that no nap would take place today.

When we got home, Eva helped me start making lasagna.  She loves to help cook.  Then Nana called and asked to speak with Eva.  I put Eva on speakerphone.  Usually she won’t say much.  Today she started the conversation with a very happy “HI!”.  They chatted for a couple of seconds and Eva said (on her own, with no prodding!) “Happy Birthday Nana!”  She remembered from morning.  “Open presents?”

The weather was absolutely beautiful today.  I only had to wear a hoodie.  It feels so much like spring, fresh air, melting snow.  So after their conversation, we went outside for a walk to get the mail and stopped at the little park (the swingset in the backyard).  Eva and I chatted on and on while she was swinging and sliding.  We jumped on all the cement squares. 

She saw an airplane and was reaching for it.  I reached too. 

 “Too far!” I said. 

But Eva said, “Too heavy!” 

Then she heard a train.  “I hear Thomas!”

Then evening happened in a bit of a blur and Eva went to bed early (due to the nap skipping).  I watched the end of Juno (I started it the other night but didn’t finish).  She had the baby.  She cried.  And I wanted to cry too.  Because I just love my Eva so much.  These little moments that make up our days, they maybe don’t mean that much to you, but to me, they are everything.  Who is this little person and where did she come from?  Before she was here breathing, crying, talking, learning, she was within me.  God put her there, answering our prayers.  It is amazing and such a blessing.

Thank you God, thank you so much.


(And happy birthday to my mom, who I know looks at me in the same way.)



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3 responses to “Baby love. 4/28

  1. Your entry made me smile.
    I would like to have a baby also and have these feelings and have these memories.. I hope God will bless me like this someday also.

  2. Mom

    You writing made me so happy, because you are the mom of my sweet Eva and I am so grateful for you and so grateful that you love her so much! Thank you Chelsey and thank you God!

  3. Your post made me cry!
    We are soooo blessed to have these sweet children to make us smile everyday.
    You expressed those feelings so clearly and vividly!

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