Only 5 days of daily blogging left!  Can you believe it?

I was able to hang out with my amazing friend Kelli today.  We were talking about Regina and I was telling her that I kind of feel wierd about Regina now, disconnected maybe.  Like maybe it doesn’t feel like home anymore?  Maybe it doesn’t because I’ve been gone just as long as I lived here.

I’ve been thinking about it all day.

Maybe home is where your family and friends are, like Kris says.

One thing I know is true.  The people I have met through Glen Elm are definitely family.  I feel a sense of home when I see them.  I went to a soccer game on Sunday night and I felt so loved by all the Glen Elm folks I ran into.  Every time I see them, I see and feel how much they love me, like parents who have nurtured me, watched me grow, and have now sent me out into the world to make a difference.  I’ve gone to far away places, but they are always here for me when I come back, loving me and knowing me like no other church, just as my own parents.

I remember clearly how welcome Ed made me feel every Saturday night and Sunday.  This one person’s excitement to see me (a total stranger) at church was enough to make me want to keep coming back.  I remember my very first bible study at the Slywka’s house.  Jason lead it.  He too was excited that I was there and made me feel so welcome.  Everyone made me feel so welcome.  I remember that night listening to people share about their desires for their lives with God and I realized that people truly cared about this stuff and it was important to them.

It was amazing to feel so welcome somewhere, to be a part of something.  To be loved.

And it is amazing to still feel so welcome and loved and a part of.

So, in conclusion, it doesn’t matter that I’ve been away longer than I was here, Regina is home, and that’s that.



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5 responses to “23/28

  1. Xregina for lifeX

    I’m going to get a tattoo of that. sweet Chels. That’s why I kept coming back, too. I hated church, but there was something about all these people being so kind to me all the time that kept drawing me closer. sweet place to be!

  2. I remember the first time you came to Bible study too! And I’m glad you kept coming back!

  3. Amy

    I totally agree Chelsey! Glen Elm will definately always be my family! It was great seeing you this weekend! Hopefully we can visit sometime in Calgary.

  4. Barb

    I just love you to pieces! You have endeared yourself to so many of us in Regina and we hope that you stay connected with us forever. We’re blessed that Eva’s g’ma and g’pa live here now – that will keep you coming back! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, your wisdom, and your beautiful photos – I love keeping up with what is happening in your life.

  5. Kim Bye

    Great stuff Chelsey! Glad to hear that Regina is still home. Home is where the love is! Gives me tons of hope!!!

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