Shoe Nostalgia 2[365]

2[365], originally uploaded by { chelseyrobertsphoto }.

I bought these shoes when Peter and I had been dating for just a couple of months, back when I was a student and had money.  I remember we were walking down 11th Avenue and I said, "I feel like buying a pair of shoes today."  We walked into World of Trout and once I saw them, I knew they would be mine.  They have turned out to be one of the best footwear investments that I have made… 6 years later and they are still my go-to shoes.

These shoes have carried me many places.  To Glen Elm church, in those early days, before I was anywhere near being a Christian.  On dates with my to-be-husband.  They were the only pair of shoes that I took to Estonia, so they carried me through the streets of Paris, Rome, Venice, London, and Tallinn.  It is highly possible that I was wearing these shoes when Peter proposed to me.  They were with me on that long drive to Yellowknife and helped me get past the melting ice-road.  I took them to Estonia with me the second time, it seemed only fair.  One of our friends there said, "I remember those shoes!" when they saw me.  They have been with me in Victoria, and were the only shoes I could wear at the end of my pregnancy.

And now, they are here in Calgary, ripped and faded.

Who knows where they are going next…



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3 responses to “Shoe Nostalgia 2[365]

  1. Tami

    love it!! : ) ….

  2. kelli

    i really love these shoes. they have taken me a place or two in the past. i hope they keep on going.

  3. crystal

    those shoes make me smile

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