I want to win some cloth diapers!

One thing that Peter and I have decided is that we are going to cloth diaper the next baby.  I’m pretty much sold on Bum Genius 3.0, so easy and adjustable in size!  Today I came across a link to win six of them and I definitely want to win! 


Check out the contest here.



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5 responses to “I want to win some cloth diapers!

  1. Something new. Not yet in Estonian stores:) Good luck!

  2. kelli

    i’m glad you are back.

  3. good for you guys for picking cloth diapers!! the environment hearts you :)

  4. Trina

    If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t buy anything with velcro…I prefer the snaps. But hey, if they are free :o) I will have to bring some of mine over so you can see a few different brands before you buy any.

  5. i just saw that bum genius has released an organic all in one with snaps. but they are $30 per diaper!

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