It’s a Boy!


In case you didn’t know, we found out at 18 weeks, and then confirmed again at 20 weeks that baby number two is a boy!  We are both very happy (Peter especially) and I feel so blessed to have one of each.  If we decide to have more children after this, the pressure will be OFF!

Now, being a girl myself and having a daughter, I know what I like when it comes to girl stuff.  But this realm of “boy” is pretty foreign!  I have been heard saying that boys clothes are no fun or not as cute as girls clothes, but I knew that there had to be some cute things out there for my little man… so I thought I would make a quick collection of my  favourites to share with you.

boyfaves1. Little Hootie Owl Cotton Beanie

2. Futuristic Robot Onesie

3. Retro Coveralls

4. Vintage Baby Shoes

5. Mini British Long Sleeved Shirt

6. Little Button Loafers

7. Beatbox Baby Old School Beanie

8. Striped Tie Baby Onesie

Who said boys’ clothes are no fun?



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3 responses to “It’s a Boy!

  1. brandi

    boys clothes are super cute!!

  2. kelli

    oh oh. one of those things may be one of the projects i plan to do for baby boy!

  3. Tim

    Congrats guys – little boys are great! Elk throughout Alberta and BC tremble at the thought (not that Eva can’t be a mighty hunter if she wants to!) Here’s hoping he’s a Calgary Flames fan, just to make Pete’s life interesting. I can just see them both yelling at the TV…

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