Nursery Inspiration

I’ve been gathering nursery ideas since before I was even pregnant!  Of course, most of the ideas that I was drawn to were for girl’s rooms, so I really had to get my thinking cap on when I found out that we were having a boy.  I didn’t want anything too typical.  I didn’t want stars and baseballs, dinosaurs, cars with smiley faces, that kind of thing.  I definitely don’t want the black ants that are currently painted on our nursery walls (can’t wait to paint over them!).

First I needed a colour pallet.  These fabrics are from the Monaluna Collection by Robert Kaufman, designed by Jennifer Moore.  I have purchased the upper left hand corner fabric, and will be choosing from a few of the other fabrics shown.  I am going to make a crib quilt, curtains and crib skirt from these fabrics or fabrics of these colours.



I plan to incorporate the leftovers of the fabrics into many of these sweet little decorations for baby boys room.  The first thing I decided I would make would be the owl mobile (upper right hand corner).  But I didn’t want the room to be all owls, so I have decided to go with a woodland theme.  Think cute little forest creatures, not Peter’s elk horns hanging over the baby’s crib.  I realized later that this theme is perfect for Peter’s son, since Peter loves the outdoors so much.  Here is a collection of items that have inspiried me with their cuteness and I hope I get the time to make a bunch of them for the little guy’s bedroom.



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