I blame Halloween.  I blame pregnancy.  But the truth is, my sweet tooth has recently spiraled out of control.

When I gave up sugary sweets for Lent this past Spring, one of the side effects that I noticed in myself was more mental clarity: my emotions seemed more stable and I was able to think more clearly.  I have not missed the connection this time around as I was shoving mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips in my mouth any time I had to go to the pantry for something and feeling like I might cry at the drop of a hat.  On Saturday night I decided to give up sugary sweets until Christmas holidays.

Of course now I find myself drooling over these kinds of images:

chocolate_ganacheChocolate Ganache Cake on Martha Stewart

Every time I come into a situation where I could have some delicious chocolate or other sweets, I feel a pang of desire in my chest.  Since giving up sugar on Sunday, that pang is accompanied by the pain of knowing that I will not have any.  In that quick moment, I feel this: “I must have it, I will be missing out, life will not be as fun, no, life will be over, yes, I might as well just give up on life since I’m not having any of that deliciousness.”  (See, I told you it was a problem.)  Thankfully, through sticking to my goal, I have noticed that life goes on, the temptation quickly passes, and I still enjoy living, even if I did skip dessert!

So, since I’m not going to be doing any baking, I thought I’d share a couple of recipes that I’ve been wanting to try so I can live vicariously through you.

peanut_butter_browniesPeanut Butter Brownies on The Crepes of Wrath

pull_apartPull-Apart Maple Pecan Sticky Buns on Kraft Canada

peanut_butter_cup_cookiesPeanut Butter Cup Cookies on the Boastful Baker



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  1. kelli

    mmm, i am going to try out the peanut butter brownies.

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