A little while ago I made this sweet little doll for Eva. 

I’d made a couple of cloth dolls before but they were from a pattern.  I drew out the pattern pieces for this doll myself and designed her dress myself too!  She is 100% Chelsey.  

Eva just loves her and pronounces her name Beer-atrice, which I think is pretty funny.

She always has to sleep with her, which just makes me so happy.



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5 responses to “Beatrice

  1. Kim Bye

    Awww…that is adorable and I can see why it makes you so happy Chelsey….it would make me happy too. How precious and how wonderful for you knowing that she loves what you took the time to make for her. It just makes my heart smile. And…of course, look at sleeping beauty…that makes my heart smile!

  2. kelli

    oh, she is bigger than i imagined she was!

  3. I love the crafty side of you, Chelsey!!! And I love that you take sweet pictures of your girl. And I love the simple things that you get excited about and make the rest of us excited, too. Really, I just love YOU!!!!

  4. LaVonne

    She is so sweet and Chelsey you are amazing, such talent and such creativity, so crafy, I love how you love to make things! Great job! Love you! Mom

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