Cooking with Chelsey

Cooking is something that I don’t necessarily enjoy.  I’ve always been a bit picky, and grew up in a real small town with few, and sometimes no, restaurant options.    Since Eva was born, I’ve tried to come up with new recipes and we have added a few into our rotation.  Maybe it is the pregnancy now but I almost cry when I think about eating a meal of chicken, rice and corn.  We’ve eaten it a lot in our five years of marriage, and somehow Peter still loves it.  Most of the time I just prepare what we have, but I don’t really enjoy it a ton.

So, I’ve tried the meal planning and most of the time that goes pretty well.  This time I decided to try a new recipe from a cookbook that I’ve had for a while Deceptively Delicious, mostly for Eva’s sake.  This particular recipe was Macaroni and Cheese with pureed butternut squash hidden in it.  (Eva and I also made piggies in a blanket.)

Well, this was a fail for both of us picky eaters.  We both ate it, but we agreed that we would never make it again.

I hate when that happens!


I am off my little sugar fast that lasted no where near Christmas holidays.  Somehow, with baking, this kind of disaster very, very rarely happens.  I tried out Spiced Apple Coffee Cake from this cookbook:

The cake looks like this:

Mmmmmm.  It was a hit with everyone who tried it, even Eva who, upon seeing the chopped up apples that go into the cake, said “I’m not eating that!”.

Perhaps the moral of the story is to hide your fruit and vegetables in baking?  Works for me.


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One response to “Cooking with Chelsey

  1. Kim Bye

    That cake looks absolutely yummy!! You go girl!!
    P.S. I love you

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