Eva love.

A few things from the sweetheart:

Me: “Eva, which Dora would you like to watch?”
Eva: “Ummm…. Dora wants to go to Estonia!”
While listening to Raffi last night before bed:
Eva: “Mommy, is that God singing?”

Today during lunch, while saying her tummy hurts and that she needs to go to the hospital:
Me: “Why does your tummy hurt?”
Eva: “I don’t have a baby in there!”
Me: “No, you’re too little for that.”
Eva: “Yeah, I might choke on it!”

Today she saw smoke coming out of a chimney from our window and mistook them for clouds:
Eva: “The clouds are moving fast!”
Daddy or Mommy: “Where are they going?”
Eva: “Estonia!”

(The Estonia love has started already.)



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2 responses to “Eva love.

  1. There’s just no other choice – You have to bring here here as soon as possible!!! We’ll make sure that she will like it even more =0)

  2. Riina

    Aww… I wish you could come to Estonia soon! I can babysit(A)
    Miss ya Chelsey

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