New Year’s Resolution – A month late.

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I totally meant to write a lot more in January.  I even wrote a little list of all the blogs I was going to write.  Maybe they will happen in February?  I can’t believe it is February already.  February is the month that I have a baby.  It has always seemed very far away.  Now it is here and my mind is blowing a little bit.

One thing that I was going to write about in January was New Years Resolutions.  I know that by about January 3rd, everyone has heard about enough of NYR’s, but I hadn’t completely made mine yet and was planning to blog them sometime in January.  I was going to blog a list of my goals for the year, but as the month has gone done, I have whittled it down to just one important one.

Ask yourself what you want people to do for you; then grab the initiative and do it for them!

This is the classic golden rule, in Jesus’ words in Luke 6 of the Message.  I love how it is worded here; it seems to focus a little more on being intentional about treating others how you would like to be treated.  I really want to look at others through the lens of servanthood.  Literally asking myself what I would like people to do for me and then doing it for them instead, whether they find themselves in a situation of need or just a simple act of kindness.

I am really not the best at this concept.  I’m not good at sending thank you notes or seeing an opportunity to help someone and having the initiative to do something about it.  I usually just rely on the fact that someone else will do it.  I am however, really good at thinking about what other people could be doing for me instead, so I’m going to be working on switching that mentality and trying to give of myself in an intentional way.


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One response to “New Year’s Resolution – A month late.

  1. I am trying to live like this =0) , but yeah, if to be honest, it tends to be the other way often..
    Counting the days and waiting for the news =0)

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