Team Tartu

I just spent the past weekend with these guys (plus Ezra, who was still in utero when this pic was taken).  We had an intensive training weekend for our Let’s Start Talking mission trip that we are going on this July.  I was nervous about how this weekend would play out, with Ezra not even being 2 weeks old yet, but both the kids did great and I think everyone had a lot of fun!

More importantly that all the fun we had, I feel like our team has really bonded and I think all of us are super excited about this summer and where God is leading us.  It is so cool that at one time we were all random people, living our lives, and now for this period of time, our lives have all come together for one purpose.

We can’t wait to go to Estonia!



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3 responses to “Team Tartu

  1. Kim Bye

    So proud and happy for all of you! It’s exciting!! I love this photo of little Eva, looks like she’s the one taking notes! What a great event for her to be taking part in too!
    Love, Mom

  2. Jill Slywka

    Yay! So excited for you and your team! I’ll be arriving in Estonia around July 2nd, and will be there until around the 16th or 17th, so I will likely get to see you all at some point!

  3. Merlin = champ at the bit.
    You know that you are so welcomed here!

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