Happy 3 Months Ezra!

Dear Ezra,

Your monthly letters and pictures are taking over the blog.

You are growing and changing so much.  In less than three months you have grown 4 inches and gained 4 pounds.  At your check-up you weighed 15lbs 5oz and were 25 inches long.  Both the doctor and her assistant just assumed that you were born by c-section when they heard you weighed 10lbs 9oz at birth.  Then they assumed it was a difficult labour.  I loved shocking them with your weight and quick delivery of just 2 hours duration.

You smile like crazy and you are giggling more each day.  You are still a bit of a stickler with your giggles, but I can usually get some out of you at diaper changing time.  Something about that makes you happy :)  Almost every time you giggle you give yourself the hiccups.

Last week you rolled over for the first time, from tummy to back.  You are starting to enjoy tummy time a bit more now and you are getting really good at holding your head up on you tummy and also while sitting on my lap.

Daddy and I love having one-on-one time with you in the evenings.  We often lay you down on the couch and have little conversations with you.

You are sleeping about 5 hours at a time at night, which isn’t the 7 you were doing, but with all this growing you’ve been doing, I’m sure that your waking to eat is necessary.  I still think you are a great sleeper.

You have also now gone in your exersaucer and your jumperoo and for each of them, Eva enjoyed watching you in it more than you seemed to enjoy being in it.

I love you, little guy.  So far, you are the sweetest little guy I know.

Love, Mama



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3 responses to “Happy 3 Months Ezra!

  1. Riina

    I can’t wait until I see you all in just a few more weeks! With Love Riina

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