Happy Four Months Ezra!

Dear Ezra – You turned 4 months while we were in Estonia!  I had to lug the couch here all the way from Canada just so I could take your picture ;)  It has been another lovely month of knowing your sweet smiles, coos and giggles.  Even your cries are sweet to me because you only cry when you really need something.  As you can see from this picture (taken one week before you turned 4 months) you have found your toes!  Since being in Estonia, you have figured out how to get them in your mouth!  They are now one of your favourite things to suck on.  You are now interested in grabbing different objects, so we made sure to bring a few toys with us to Estonia so you have something to hold on to.  When we put something in front of you, you are immediately focused on the object and trying with all of your might to get a hold of it.  You can not keep your drool in your mouth during this time, you are so focused on the object you forget about keeping it in your mouth!  At Camp Balchyoca we set a water bottle in front of you and it was so funny watching you try to get it into your mouth.  Eva especially thought it was hilarious.  Eva is someone who can really make you laugh.  She loves saying “Boo!” or “a-goo-goo-goo!” really loudly and deeply, which can be quite annoying for your parents at times, but it is still super sweet, especially when she succeeds.  Daddy and I both love it when both you and Eva are laughing together; we can’t keep ourselves from laughing too.  Before you turned four months you traveled all the way across the world!  We flew to London and spent a day there, and then to Oslo and onto Tallinn, Estonia.  So far you have been a very easy traveler, it has not seemed to bother you at all… not even the 9 hour time change! 

Dear baby, I love you more and more each day. 

Love, Mama.



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3 responses to “Happy Four Months Ezra!

  1. Kim Bye

    Awww…Chels! Love this little guy! And I love hearing how he’s growing and changing. The picture is perfect! His body in motion. Such a sweetheart. You and Peter are so blessed! <3

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