It has been a looooong time since I have written anything on here.  Life has been crazy since… forever?  Time is flying by but I make sure to take in the little moments each day and relish in them, so that they don’t just pass on unnoticed.

Since we’ve been home from Estonia, we’ve dealt with jet lag, Peter has gone to camp for a week, we all went to Regina for a weekend, shot an engagement session, shot a wedding, did an Estonia presentation for our church, my mom and Randy came to visit, started Moms and Tots, went on a teen camping trip, shot a maternity session, started youth group again, celebrated my 26th birthday, Peter went hunting in the mountains for two weeks (and got an elk and a deer, Jeff got a mountain goat), I went out to Regina for a week, shot a few sessions, then to Estevan/Carnduff for the week, then shot a wedding, then drove home, did laundry, got groceries, trip to the zoo, joined the Beth Moore ladies’ bible study at my church, started young adults, had youth group and now today we are celebrating our 6th anniversary!  Oh, and let’s not forget all work that both Peter and I have been doing in between there (as photographer and youth/young adult minister, and as mom and dad).


So now that we are up to date, I plan to start updating this thing again.  October is really just my favourite month.  The air is crisp (although today it is so hot!) and the colours are fabulous.  Thanksgiving is next weekend, so I thought I would plan to do a month of blogging on the things that I am grateful for.  I thought it would also help me to take in those small moments, and to document my children’s life a bit more too.


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