Eestis minu südames.

I was just sending an e-mail.  It was just a day-to-day email.  But at the very end, my friend asked, “How was your trip to Estonia this summer?”

I don’t know if anyone understands what a loaded question that is.

I started by saying, “It was amazing.” but I knew that even a word so great as amazing could not convey what really happened this summer.  So I followed it with a couple of paragraphs explaining what God did and exactly why the summer was so amazing.  I posted the link to this video.

I decided to watch the slideshow again.  I’ve seen it a few times, though not for a couple of months now, and today I was pretty casual about it.

Right away, I was caught off-guard by my emotions.  LumpinmythroatTearsinmyeyes.  Then “Love Never Fails” came on and Eva said sadly, “Hey, that’s the song Daddy played in Estonia.  And I miss Estonia so much.”  Well that was it.  Tearsflowingsnifflingsobbingkindofcrying.

I can’t believe I thought I could just watch this slideshow of our summer and go on with my day.  I am thinking of, praying for, and thanking God for my amazing friends in Estonia and my team mates whom I have grown so close to.

Time may be moving on, but we are still Team Tartu 2010.  This past summer will always be in my heart.


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