Happy 5, 6, 7, and 8 Months Ezra!

Dear Ezra,

I’m sorry that I haven’t written you since we were in Estonia.  We have been very busy since we got home!  You went on your first LST mission trip and travelled all over the country of Estonia with us.  It was a very hot, very busy summer, but you did so well!  While in Estonia we would place you on the floor with a couple of toys and we had to yell out to our team mates “Ezra’s on the floor!” because one day, Daddy almost unknowingly stepped on you and it scared all of us!  As I said, it was so hot that you spent most of the summer only in a diaper.  When we did put clothes back on you, it seemed so foreign to us!  You spent a lot of time in the stroller, going up and down from the apartment to the Bible Study Center and all over Tartu.  You also had your first bath in a big tub at Nikolai and Olga’s house with your sister!  You flew home very well, cuddled on mommy’s lap for most of the 20 hour trip!

Shortly after we returned home you turned 5 months and began rolling everywhere!  I put you down on the floor in the kitchen and left the room for a couple of minutes to discover that you were not where I left you, but several feet away!  I was definitely surprised as I had yet not witnessed any consecutive roll overs!  Rolling everywhere soon became your choice mode of transportation.  When we first arrived in Estonia you were just starting to reach for and grab onto things but by the time we got home you were very skilled at it!  You were very curious about all the toys and reached for them all the time!  Also, shortly after you turned 5 months you began on solid foods.  The first thing you ate was rice cereal, with Nana Kim and Grandpa Randy here to witness it.  Next you had carrots and then apples.  You seem to like everything so far!  You went in your jolly jumper for the first time and really enjoyed yourself, and of course, big sister Eva enjoyed watching you, as well as mama!  We went out to Regina again and you were able to meet your new cousin, Malena, who is just 4 months younger than you.  Just before you turned six months old we went on a camping trip with the youth group and we slept in the Aasen’s camper.  Of course, you were just your happy self, willing to travel anywhere and do anything!  In your fifth month you started sitting up more on your own, but still falling over after a little while.

In September, you turned 6 months old.  On the very day that you turned 6 months old, mama noticed your first tooth coming in on the bottom left.  About a week later, the second one started to come in right beside it.  Nana and Grandpa came to town, and were staying at a hotel (for a conference) and you went into the hot tub with mom.  Just barely though, it was pretty hot!  You’ve been bathing in the big tub with Eva  and love to kick your legs and splash.  Dad went hunting and you, Eva, mom and Grandma LaVonne took a road trip to Regina.  We spent a week in Regina, a couple days in Carnduff, and almost a week in Estevan.  You got to meet your Grandpa Kent and Dotty for the first time, as well as Great Grandma Kelly, and Great Auntie Alana, Great Uncle Brad and mommy’s cousins, Alexa and Cassidy.  I don’t remember when, around 6 months old you started really reacting to our cat, Mozart, with happy squeal and giggles.  You reacted the same way to Grandpa Kent’s puppies!  You also met Great Grandma Irene and were babysat by Nana Kim and Grandpa Randy while mom and dad shot a wedding.  You went in a swing for the first time while you were babysat, and you loved it!

In October you turned 7 months and started scooting around.  You are wearing out the toes of your sleepers!  You rode in the wagon with Eva for the first time and we went to the park where you went on the swings again.  You’ve started eating cut up table food and I am so happy that you have accepted it so easily!  You actually seem to prefer it to pureed.  You have started sitting up much better on your own and have even started to get down onto your tummy on your own a bit, not totally gracefully, but most of the time successfully.  Since starting to army crawl at the beginning of the month you have picked up speed and especially like the bathroom!  You often beeline for the bathroom if you notice that the door is open, or the cat food, which we have to put up to make sure you stay out of it.  You are putting everything in your mouth!  You almost took a tumble down the stairs, but mommy was right there watching and saved you!  Now we always have the baby gate up :)  It has now been months since Estonia but you still don’t sleep very well, wanting to nurse all night long!  I regret allowing you to do that in Estonia, but with a 9 hour time change, you will do anything to get your baby to sleep!  I tried weaning you at night but then you were still waking every hour for me to rock you back to sleep!  I did this for a while but now I am back to nursing you as I was very busy with work and getting very tired!  We will try again soon.  On October 18 you had your 6 months vaccinations and I think you weighed 23lbs, I’ll have to double check next time we go in.  You celebrated Halloween for the first time and dressed up as a robot.  You came to the youth group Halloween party and then rode around in the stroller on Halloween while Eva knocked on doors for candy.  You fell asleep, it was that exciting to you!  But you were a very cute robot.  You love the dishwasher and quickly scoot over to explore it any time I open it.  You are still just the happiest little guy, always smiling and giggling.

It is November now and you are 8 months old, your third tooth (top left) has been coming in for a little bit, and I just noticed tonight that it looks like the top right might be coming in too!  You are an easy teether so far, no fussing yet!  You are becoming more and more interactive and play games with me on the floor and in my arms.  You clapped for the first time on November 9.  You were fussing in your exersaucer and out of the corner of my eye I saw two little hands go together and come apart, then go together again!  I couldn’t believe it!  It is so sweet.  I have started signing a little bit to you, words like “more” and “food” and “banana”.  You have a banana for breakfast every morning and you seem to love all foods.  I have a suspicion that you have  a sensitivity to dairy, so I tried giving you goat’s cheese and though you do not seem to prefer it (it is the only thing that you have turned your head away from) you still eat it!  I am sad for you though, because you love cheese and get so excited when you realize that I am getting it for you.  Too bad the rest of your body does not seem to like it as much as your taste buds.  You can sit up pretty well in the tub, with mommy always right there, and love to splash and kick.  I love to let you play around in there for a bit and you are always sad when it is time to get out.  You have developed a bit of separation anxiety when mommy leaves the room or even walks away from you, and I am soaking it in right now because someday I know you will not want/need me as much.

That is all I will write about your 8th month, more will come in the next edition of “Dear Ezra”.

I love you more and more each day and I am so thankful you are in our family.


Love Mama xoxo



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