Never too late…

Before I was a mother, I desired to be a mother.

Before I was a mother, I dreamed of spending my days with my children, loving them, always speaking kindly, reading books, exploring our worlds, learning.  Creating art, every day, of course.  It would just be a part of our lives.

Before I was a mother, I studied Early Childhood Education.  I thought to myself, “every parent should take this course before having children!”  I was so pleased that I was privy to such knowledge and had many plans to use said knowledge as a mother.

Before I was a mother, I envisioned what I would be like as a mother.

A perfect mother, of course.

After I became a mother, something happened.  Blame it on sleepless nights, post-partum depression, laziness, or insecurites, somewhere along the way I let go of the kind of mother I desired to be before I was a mother.

After I became a mother, I listened to others more than my own intuition.

After I became a mother, I longed for something more, to be a different kind of mother, but felt overwhelmed and alone in my desires.

After I became a mother, I gave up.

But not anymore. I feel like I have gone from aspiration, to devastation, to stagnation, and now, to inspiration.

I have realized that it is never too late for me to be the kind of mother I wanted to be.  I am starting a new chapter in my motherhood story, and I’m inviting you to come along with me.  It is my hope that we can encourage one another, converse with one another, and build one another up as we journey together.

It is never too late to take the first step.



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4 responses to “Never too late…

  1. Michelle Wade

    Wow, Chelsey! These thoughts you have shared are fantastic. You are an amazing woman. I look up to you. I have often read your facebook thoughts and have felt my own insecurities about myself as a mom. I have felt inadequate. You do an amazing job with your kids. I admire your inspiration, your dedication, your focus, and the mother you are to your kids. I highly respect the growth I have seen in you over the years and how you have allowed God to change you. This blog will be a source of refreshment for many of us! I love, love, love that quote above “it is never too late to be what you might have been”!

  2. Vivian Roberts

    Dear Chels,
    Thank you for sharing your heart so well. Your expressions of discouragement and “not measuring up” could be echoed by all of us (mothers) I’m sure. You are correct – it is never too late to start over and with God’s help I know you will make progress.
    May God bless you and continue to guide you with his wisdom and guidance as you continue on this journey of motherhood.
    I love you lots!

  3. Betty Close

    As an almost 40 years a mother I can tell you that your role as a mother changes, but still continually requires renewed commitment to be the best you can be.
    As you record your thoughts on this journey, you may look back sometimes and find you’ve taken two steps forward, one step back…but your desire to be the best you can will move you past those times to press on.

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