Needing God’s help to open a can of soup.

It was a great morning out.  I am a part of a Moms and Tots group that meets every Wednesday, with childcare.  What a gift to us moms.  I had many good discussions today, and was happy I went despite the work that I have hanging over my head for my business, and the mess the house is always left in when we go out in the morning.

Ezra fell asleep in the car on the way home, which was fine, except that he woke up when we arrived home.  That part was not fine, as I had been planning to work all afternoon and was looking forward to the break (he clung to me during the whole moms group).  Then, yet again, the two packages that I am anxiously waiting for were still not in my mailbox.  The mess that greeted me at home was daunting.  Then I started thinking about not only the work I have to do today, but over the next couple weeks.  It has been so hard to work from home now that I have two kids.  There are never enough hours in the day.  My husband is a Youth Minister and is in a very busy season right now too, so that doesn’t help.  I started thinking about how the house has been a mess for weeks (besides general tidying) and how I don’t know when I will ever vacuum again.  Or do the laundry.  Or take out the garbage and recycling today so that we don’t miss it again tomorrow.  Or make supper tonight.  Or even make lunch, which needed to be done right that very moment.  Somehow it went from being a good morning to me feeling like opening a can of soup was too much to bear.

It is so hard to press on in these moments and do even the minimal that needs to get done.  It is so hard to feel the joy and purpose of motherhood when I am feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I wanted to run and hide!

What do  you do when you feel this way?

This is what I did:
– sent up a feeble little prayer, “Please, God, help me.”
– texted my husband to let him know that I was overwhelmed to the point of tears so he could be sensitive to it when he arrives home later today
– told myself over and over that it is okay that the housework doesn’t get done, it’s even okay if my clients have to wait another day, my children are the most important and I cannot let my inner feelings affect them negatively (a.k.a., be patient, have mercy, be loving… it’s not their problem!)
– ate lunch
– hugged my children and tried to have a special moment with them to focus on what really matters

I feel a little better.

And now, Ezra is sleeping.  Eva is quietly practicing cutting with scissors and writing her letters.  I am writing, and letting my feelings go out to all my sisters out there who have shown me so much love and support.  And I feel a little better.

Please share in the comments what you do when you feel overwhelmed.



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8 responses to “Needing God’s help to open a can of soup.

  1. Carmelle Whiteley

    I think the order in which you did things was perfect Chelsey; way to go! Everyday seems like I am constantly asking, “Please, God, give me patience today.” Motherhood is hard work but He only gives us what He knows we can handle.

  2. Debbie

    Oh Chelsey, I know exactly how you feel! Having one of those “not so good” days for the last week or so, and the only thing I have found that really helps is to turn on some “fun” upbeat music, and sing along.

    I think the most important thing I do when I’m having a hard day is, like you said, NOT taking it out on my kiddoes. Since they are home with me all day, it would be so easy to do, but I try hard not to do that.

  3. Keri-Lyn

    Well Chels. When I feel this way, I decide what is most important, kind of what you did, everything can wait, my kid/s need me right now, and it’s ok if other things get put on hold. But I know it is hard sometimes to really let those things go and not think of them, cause they always seem to be in the back of my mind.. I think its great that you said a prayer, took a breathe, and got some clarity.. I would usually just continue to feel stressed and try to get everything done at some point anyway, and then I end up exhausted.. Anyway, thanks for your encouraging words, I am sending up a prayer for you and I hope tomorrow you feel a bit better… Love you.

  4. Ruth

    I have learned over the past few years that the house can stay messy. As long as my kids and my husband know that they are loved and cared for that is really all that matters. Some times I ask for the girls help. I know your kids are a bit younger than mine but even when they were little we would work together. Giving them a pile of towls (faceclothes) to fold or a duster (swiffer are great because they actually pick up stuff) and let them follow me around. Before I had three I was really good at getting stuff done. One kid was easy, two got harder and three it is almost impossible. I have realized that I am not Martha Stewart and that the laundry fairy only visits if my mom is around (she loves folding) I try and sit for a few minutes with a coffee and either my Bible or some other devotion book to refocus what is important. You aren’t alone if that makes you feel better

  5. Trina

    I’ve so been there before…in fact about every couple months I seem to have a breakdown like this (tears and all). Mike is understanding. And I call Brenda. Last time John even babysat the kids for a few hours so I could get a pedicure and just get away from it all for a bit, AND he took care of supper. Let me know if I can take the kids for a morning or afternoon (or a whole day!) so you can get some work done (I’m serious).

  6. Thank you, Trina. You are so good to me!!!!

  7. LaVonne

    I love you Chelsey, you are a great wife and mom and I am so grateful for your transparent heart and seeking to be what God wants you to be. Remember where your confidence lies, remember God knows exactly how you feel, remember that he knows who you are and appreciates your challenges and struggles. I love how you handled this day! In just the right order! I love you! Mumma

  8. I usually tend to text my hub or call him if I know it is not interupting too much. My children are all old enough to be left alone at this point (6,13,15) and If they are the cause of my seeming spiral out of ‘control’ I will usually tell them to leave the room (time out for me). Praying right where I stand to please not be an ‘angry mommy’ and to get over it.

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