Answered Prayers.

Remember the feeble little prayer I sent up today when I was feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders?

It was about all I could muster.

“Please, God, help me.”

Answers to such a little prayer would be overlooked by me on most days, but today I was paying attention:
– I was able to open a can of soup and fed my kids
– I was able to tidy the whole house, even vacuumed and did two loads of laundry
– I was able to get Ezra down for a nap
– I was able to see how good I have it in life by being reminded of my many blessings
– I was able to make a delicious supper
– I was able to go out for a coffee/bookstore date with a friend, without any children present!

God is good. And I know that only God could’ve helped me to see these little answered prayers given the mood I was in!

(God has also been answering some other prayers of mine, some of them before I’ve even really prayed them.  They have just been little thoughts in my mind, something to add to my prayer list, and God has already taken care of them.

I prayed the other day that my husband would be filled with passion for his faith, more than he already has.  On Monday night he told me that he has been so inspired in the last couple of days.  The other day, I was thinking I should pray about and talk to my husband about him getting up early with me, so that it is easier for me to get up for study and prayer time.  Before I even “formally” prayed about it or talked to him about it, he told me he has already decided he is going to start getting up at 6AM… which is the exact time that I’m hoping to start getting up in the morning.  God is good.)


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