väike hetk (little moments).

Ezra, you woke up during your nap today but you were not ready to wake up.  I held you in my arms and rocked you, watching you, memorizing you as you are right now.  I smiled at your fuzzy little head, the little hairs on the top of your head that stick straight up.  I melted over your little closed eyes, your little face.  You were safe and comfortable, sleeping with your ear pressed against your mama’s heartbeat.  I squeezed my eyes closed and when I opened them, there you were, just as you are, still my baby.  I imagined you one day grown up into a man, and I know that day will come too soon.  I am so happy we are here right now, in this moment.  Though I look forward to watching you grow, I will never wish these moments away.  Love, mama.



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2 responses to “väike hetk (little moments).

  1. Kim Bye

    Adorable and most precious!

  2. Merlin

    Good mommy! Teach your kids some Estonian!

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