Happy 9 & 10 Months Ezra!

Dear Ezra,
To continue where I left off in November, I started to sleep train you on November 17 while Daddy was away hunting.  Since Estonia you have decided that night time should be buffet time and mommy really needed you to start sleeping more.  I would come into the room and pat your back, gently telling you that it was okay and time to sleep.  I didn’t pick you up or nurse you.  The first night you woke up several times within a couple of hours and I thought it was going to be horrible, but you got the hint pretty quickly and started to sleep well soon after that.  You started waving, and you would say “hiiiiii” with it (I have video to prove it!).  It is so cute to watch you mimic us!  You started signing more too, which is pretty helpful!  In addition to all the new foods you like, you have also tried cat food, which mommy quickly scooped out of your mouth!  We have to keep the cat food up on the divider between the living room and the dining room so that we can keep you out of it!  At the end of November, we put up our Christmas tree and you just stared and stared.  Your first Christmas! We took you swimming at Cardel Place for the first time!  The paddling pool there is nice and warm, and perfect for you to splash around in.  Your lip just quivers if I take you into the big pool so for now we stay mostly in the paddling pool and spend a little bit of time in the hot tub at the end.  Mommy is mostly in the hot tub, you usually just sit on the edge with your feet in.

In December, you turned 9 months and you got your first haircut!  Mommy wasn’t too sure about it, but your hair was pretty uneven!  Short on the sides, longer on the top in the middle.  Daddy cut your hair with the clippers in our kitchen and you never even cried.  You didn’t seem to love it, you were slightly concerned, but you did very well!  You started expressing your will a bit more this month, head banging and shrieking a bit when Mommy takes something away from you.  One day, you were doing that when I was closing the pantry door so that you couldn’t play with it anymore and you hit your head right into it!  The product?  Your first bruise!  Right on your forehead!  Such a boy.  I think you even have the bruise in your 9 month picture!  You got your fifth tooth this month too, it is crazy for me to think that Eva didn’t even have any teeth at this point and you already have five chompers!  Your big sister caught a flu bug and then you caught it a couple of days later, right before Christmas.  Both of you got sick in the night and threw up all night long, but then felt a little better in the morning.  I was glad because we were supposed to leave for Grandpa Kent’s for Christmas that day and if you were still sick we would’ve had to stay!  Thankfully, for your sake more than Christmas plans, you felt better and we were able to leave on time.  It was so sad to see you sick like that, so young!  Makes me feel very thankful that you and Eva have both been so healthy most of the time.  We drove to Regina that night, then on to Carnduff the next day (Christmas Eve).  Your first Christmas was at Grandpa Kent’s house with Dotty, Great Grandma Kelly, Great Auntie Alana and Great Uncle Brad, and cousins Alexa and Cassidy.  You seemed to really enjoy Christmas day, ripping at the wrapping paper and the new toys you got!  On Boxing Day we moved on to Nana Kim’s and Grandpa Randy’s and had another Christmas day, which you also enjoyed!  We stayed there for a few days and then moved onto Regina for a few days to be with Grandma and Grandpa Roberts and the Roberts Aunts and Uncles.  We came home in the new year and on January 5 you fell asleep in your high chair for the first time!  It was so cute, mommy was visiting with a friend and you just fell right asleep during your lunch!

Love Mama xo



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3 responses to “Happy 9 & 10 Months Ezra!

  1. Kim Bye

    My goodness….pictures are wonderful and your written words are always amazing!

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