Maximizing Your Mornings

The Early Bird…

gets the worm! The first step in putting my mission of motherhood into action is to start getting up earlier than my children and spend the first portion of my day studying God’s word and praying.  I was just reading through a journal entry of mine from 2 years ago and I prayed that I would be an intentional mama, that I would rise before my children and spend time with God first.  I get goosebumps when I read a prayer that I have written down and I can see that God has answered it.  Here I am, sure, two years later, getting up early and spending the first portion of my day with the Lord.

How I Get Up Early

I go to bed early. This is one of the most difficult parts!  Once the children are tucked into their beds and I have the freedom to do whatever I want, it is hard to tuck myself into bed too!  But getting up earlier than my children is really difficult to do when I have stayed up too late the night before, especially since Ezra still usually wakes me up in the night at least once.  Every night I set my alarm for 6:30PM and I try to be in bed by 10:00PM. Rising early, even getting up in the night with Ezra, is much easier when I have gone to bed at a decent hour.

Before I go to bed, I get everything ready for the morning. I have my bible study, my journal, my slippers all ready to go.  I’m not a coffee-in-the-morning type of person, but if I was, you better believe I’d have my cup out and the coffee ready to go so that all I had to do was press start!  Eventually, I plan to add in exercising to my morning routine, and I will have all my workout clothes ready, the DVD in the player ready to go.  If you have to go searching for your things in the quiet and dark of the morning, or if you aren’t sure where your things are, it will be much more tempting to stay in bed!

I pray that I will do it! I can do all things through Christ, including getting up early in the morning.  Are you a night owl?  Do you hate mornings?  I can’t say that at first I loved the idea of getting up at 6:30AM.  Actually, I still kind of don’t.  But I know that I will not spend that focused time with God at any other point in the day if I don’t do it, so I ask God to help remind me of that, to help me to be faithful, to help me get out of bed!  I also remind myself that it is difficult at first, but it does not take long for the tiredness to go away!

Maximize YOUR Mornings

Head on over to Inspired to Action to download the free e-book on how you can Maximize Your Mornings too!  This book is so encouraging and helpful, with lots of tips and action plans to help you get started!

Do you love staying up late or getting up early?  When do you spend time with God?



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3 responses to “Maximizing Your Mornings

  1. LaVonne

    I love you Chelsey, thanks for striving for this! I know this will not only bless you and be life changing, but it will also bless Pete and Eva and Ezra, in ways you may never know. I love you so much! Thanks girl! Love mumma!

  2. So glad you’ve joined the challenge and are seeing your prayer come to fruition! You’re doing a beautiful thing for your family, and I know it isn’t always easy. Thanks for sharing your heart!

    m :)

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