Happy 11 Months Ezra!

In January, you turned 10 months while Auntie Keri, Uncle Alvaro, Malena and Uncle Mark were here visiting.  One day, while playing with your sister, she made up a little song for you that went like this: “I so very love my Ezra.”  I know you guys will fight someday, (actually, you already do fight over toys!) but I hope you always remember this love that you share for each other.  You two really do love each other and it is so sweet.  One night, you slept 11 hours in a row and I was very excited that maybe you were ready to give up your 4AM feeding, but then you got a fever for a few days which I thought was teeth but turned out to be an ear infection, and Mommy didn’t want to leave you alone.  So now, you are back at the 4AM nursing again, and I’d really love it if you’d give that up already.  Please?  Okay.  You still do the army crawl, but you can definitely pop up quickly onto your knees, you just don’t know what to do after that!  You can even get right up on your toes.  You have started pulling up on the couch, the coffee table, and you have started climbing the stairs.  You are quite pleased with yourself over this!  You have another little tooth that is just teasing you, and is almost through but not quite yet!  It doesn’t seem to bother you, so that’s nice, but I’m still looking forward to seeing your new smile with 4 teeth across the top.  Still just two on the bottom! You started talking a bit and you say “Uh oh!” when you drop something.  It started out as “uh uh!” but the other day I heard a very clear, “uh OH!”  You also point at everything now and say, “Dat!” likely a result of mommy and daddy pointing at things and saying, “what’s that?”  If I ask you, “Where’s Daddy?” or “Where’s sister/Eva?” you look for them and you know who is who.  Or if I ask, “Where’s kitty?”  If I’m holding you, you look down for Mozart.  You still love that silly cat, you smile and giggle at him all the time.  Other words include, “mama” and “dada” but it is hard to say when you truly started understanding what they meant when you said them.  You also always say a word that sounds just like aitäh in Estonian (which means thank you).  So I guess you picked up a little Estonian when you were there :)

I love you little buddy, I can’t believe that your first birthday is approaching.  Where did this year go?  So glad I have documented it for me and for you.

Love, Mama

Watch him grow:
One Month
, Two Months, Three Months, Four Months, Five, Six, Seven and Eight Months, Nine and Ten Months.




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3 responses to “Happy 11 Months Ezra!

  1. Kim Bye

    awww chels! What a sweet little boy you and Peter have! So very cute! Love this new picture of him with his little hairs standing up so we can see them because he’s so blonde! It made me smile. I love that you are documenting his months, it will be so nice to have as he gets older! Enjoyed it all my dear.

  2. Merlin

    He is sooo tall already!:P

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