A stirring.

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Something Seemingly Small

God whispered it in my heart one day to start this blog.  I wanted to record my journey, I have always done this.  I have journals dating back to my girlhood days.  I want to remember.

I also wanted to write to encourage.  I want to encourage others, but also myself.

I have a few subscribers out there and I am so thankful for you.  I honestly thank God for you.  I also thank God for those who read and don’t subscribe; I know you are out there too.  I appreciate that you take the time to read what I have to say.  I’m not anyone.

So it seems to be with God, he will use little things to show us a bigger plan that He has for us.  I have been fighting him for years about something. Wrestling.  Shaking.  Stomping my foot and saying NO.  Even now, I feel it in my chest, I do not want to do what I feel Him calling me to.

The Wrestling Match

Sometimes it is easy to say yes.  Sometimes it feels really good.  But right now, God is calling me to spill out all the words I have in me, or words that He has and will place within me.  He wants me to tell His story. He wants me to let everyone know exactly what He has done in my life.  It doesn’t make me feel good.  It makes me feel tiny, frail, and weak.

I have done this before.  I have bared everything in front of a couple of congregations, or a couple of classes.  But writing it is different.  Writing His story means that it is available at any time for anyone to read.  This scares me. He’s calling me to tell His story in a way that is permanent, in a way that forces me to be honest with everyone.  Including family.  Including friends.  It could change the way people think about me.  It could change everything.

Is He Calling Me?

I listened to the song “There Is A Stirring” today.  I saw myself wearing a crown and refusing to lay it at his feet.  It was small but very powerful.  I am scared to lay this crown down, scared of what people will think of me.  I heard Him whisper in my heart that His promise will be so much greater than that crown upon my head.  If I make myself nothing for Him, what I would receive in return would be much greater. This made my heart pound.

God used this little blog to open me up to writing, and now I can no longer deny that He is calling me to something way bigger than I expected.  I am scared, but I know that He is glorified the greatest in our weakness.

I will rise up and bow down.  I will lay my crown at His wounded feet.

Here is the song:

There Is A Stirring (Click to listen!)

What is He calling you to?



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4 responses to “A stirring.

  1. Ruth

    WOW. Thank you for that today Chelsey. I love that song. I know we don’t always listen when God calls us. We feel Him move in us and we stand up and plant our feet and say “NO I wont go.” I know I say no out of pure fear. What if’s run through my head. I fear rejection of all that I have built around me. Yet what I have built can come crumbling down around me if it isn’t built with Christ as my corner stone. I am slowing learning to listen to that voice and that stirring. He will not guide us wrong. We fear being vulnerable but when we are God wraps us tighter in his grace. I want you to know that this blog has inspired me and challenged me as a women, wife and mother to be a better example of a Christian women. Write your story Chelsey and don’t let fear and uncertainty cloud your heart and mind. You have these amazing talents and writing is sure one of them. Your story may just be what someone needs to read.

  2. Chelsey/InspiredMama

    Thank you for your sweet and encouraging comment, Ruth. It means so much to me to hear that you have been inspired by this blog. Thanks for likewise encouraging and inspiring me!

  3. This was beautifully written. I say go for is sister! I am cheering for you on this side of whatever God is calling you to.

  4. I too have a story that I have not shared with hardly a soul. The Lord knows that path of my broken heart and He alone healed and restored it only to have me stomp it into the ground and have Him pick it up and say to me,”child what are you doing? I fixed it now take care of it!” I know there will come a day when sharing my full life’s story will be the right thing to do, just not sure when. I thank you for following the steps the Lord has placed before you and I am grateful to know and be remeinded that we all have a story to tell.

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