In Need of Grace.

Oh, I am in need of some grace.

How are you mamas doing?

I haven’t been here in a while. I think about blogging often, but I have fallen off the wagon.

I’ve fallen off a lot of wagons lately.

Not getting up early, not studying, not praying.

I’ve been doing a whole lot of living for myself and not for God.

I have not been the mama I want to be. I have not been the mama God wants me to be.

I am writing here late at night, from my iPhone, tucked in bed. I just had to get this off my chest. I’m in a slump right now and I’m very much lookin forward to getting back on track.

I’m resisting my natural tendency to beat myself up and quit altogether.

I’m gonna get back on track, by God’s grace; the only way I’ve accomplished anything.

Is anyone still out there? Is anyone with me?

Please leave a comment and let me know how you are doing. I’d love to hear from you.



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9 responses to “In Need of Grace.

  1. Karisa

    Sweet Chelsey…I literally just hopped on here to see if had missed a post from you…..and here this was. GIANT (HUGS) to you!!! <3

    One of my favorite sayings I've picked up lately is "grace is for mama's too". You've just been in the midst of a very busy time, with your move, and you do have 2 small children!

    I'm sorry you are feeling in a bit of a slump (you know I understand that!), but try not to "should" yourself too much. If you have hugged your kiddos and hubby each day and told them that you loved them, kept them reasonably fed and clothed…I think you are doing awesome!! ;)

    I do look forward to seeing more posts from you in the future, as you feel inspired. I don't know if you finished reading "1000 gifts" from Ann Voskamp yet…but I'm just getting started, and I'd love to hear your prespective on it.

    Enjoy those little blessings in your life today.


  2. Keri-Lyn

    Chelsey. I have really missed hearing from you. It was a great encouragement to me, and I am really looking forward to reading your wise words once again:) I have been struggling, or maybe just being lazy, lately.. and so maybe we can get back and on track together. Just keep writing, its such an encouragement to so many ladies. Love you dear, see ya tomorrow;)

  3. Crystal Fonk

    I hear you. I have been feeling so guilty lately at how tired I am after work and how little time I am putting in with my family. It is a hard balance.
    I also struggle with the thoughts of having ME time. I feel God wants me to have ME time because it allows me to be the best ME, that then means I will be the best MOM and the best WIFE. It is a hard balance for sure, and a constant struggle that needs work. I will keep you in my prayers. Being a Mom is the hardest job yet the most rewarding. You will get on track, God will pick you up and carry you through the hard times and you will rise up!
    xoxo c-

  4. Ruth

    You are so not alone Chels. I thought you were just busy with the move. Today my youngest Rachel was sick and had to stay home from preschool. She is two and a bit and I hate having to put my last baby in all day but due to working I must. So here I was with her home and laying in my arms (not something her sisters did at all) I felt great and at the same time terrible because I had a ton of things planned to do and a sick baby in my arms did not allow any of it to get done. Here the Lord granted me this day at home alone with one child and I am complaining about not doing house work. So after an hour with her there and all the stuff running through my head I had a thought, she wont remember the clean house or the dirty dishes. She wont know that the laundry was piled high and falling over, what she will remember is sitting in my arms knowing that no matter what I am there to love her. Your kids know the same thing. God too knows your heart. The guilt we feel is Satan. He likes to drag us down so deep we feel like we can’t get up. I am glad that you are back because you challenge me to be better too. I will pray for you. Kevin Leaman in his book First Time Mom says “don’t try to be a perfect parent because that will cause burnout. Strive to be a good parent and love your kids.” Sort of a paraphrase but it makes me feel better

  5. Sweet Chelsey Heart! You Are loved and Cherished! We all have hiatuses in out blogs… We are all growing. Praying for you!

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