Breaking Through the Plateau!

Hello mamas!

I’m getting fired up again. It’s been a couple of months since I fell of my inspired motherhood wagon. We had company and we were moving so I suppose it is to be expected that life would be a bit disheveled for a while.

I’m getting to the point now where I can’t take it anymore though and I am ready for more discipline in my life. I am badly needing to meet regularly again with God. Right now I have been stressed-out, mean mommy. I don’t like that version of myself and neither do my kids.

I struggle big time with perfectionism. Perfect: this is a word that should not be in any mommy’s vocabulary. I want everything to run perfectly and if it can’t then I usually just don’t do anything at all. All or nothing, that’s the way I work and you know what? It just doesn’t work for me! Why do I return to perfectionism time and time again?

For example, I want to be able to get up before my kids to spend some time with the Lord before starting the day. So I try to fit in a Beth Moore study, 20 minutes of praying, 20 minutes of exercise and getting showered and ready! Sure, that would be ideal but that’s a lot to try and squish in the wee hours of the morning. So this time around, I am just going to “settle” for a daily scripture reading and a little bit of prayer. That’s all. I’d like to get up about 30 minutes before the kids.

Right now I am working on getting myself back on track, simplifying my life and I am working on a couple of practical and inspirational blog series’ for Inspired Mama.

What are you wrestling with these days? What are some of your goals?

I appreciate all of you who read Inspired Mama. Thanks for being here!



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5 responses to “Breaking Through the Plateau!

  1. Karisa

    Little bites. That’s all we can do at a time…little bites! :)

    I’m just working on getting in a good home-keeping routine. I’ve some other online friends who do a “home blessing challenge” and it keeps me motivated.

    I just finished “1000 Gifts” as well…and such an inspirational read! Little bites of thankfulness! Little bites of trusting God and stepping forward.

    You know I always love to read what you are thinking about/doing these days…keep taking those little bites, Chelsey! :)

    • Chelsey

      Thanks for the encouragement, Karisa! It is important to start small! And not bite off more than you can chew!

  2. I too am working at simplifying my desires for perfection.
    I have joined up with hello mornings and began my 545 wake up now to work back to 515 by the middle of the month. I too just LONG to DAILY be in God’s Word and set apart that time with Him. I am also desperatley needing to get back on my eliptical and get my body moving along with my spirit toward a better whole person. For me and for my family. Thanks for being an ‘inpiring’ momma for this gal.Have a blessed day!

    • Chelsey

      Thanks for reading, Nicole, I appreciate your comments! I am so happy to hear that you are Maximizing Your Mornings! I just got started again, I’ve been getting up at 6:30 and hoping to start waking up at 6:00. The real key is going to bed early, which is hard for me sometimes!

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