All Things Through Him

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

I can get up early.

I can speak gently to my children.

I can be faithful.

I can have self-control, even over the internet.

I can open a can of soup.

I can make time for my husband, even though I’m tired.

I can spend intentional time having fun with my children.

I can be kind.

I can create a motherhood mission statement.

I can go to bed early.

I can teach my children about Him.

I can pray.

I can have new beginnings

and I can keep fighting to be the mom He wants me to be.

I can be patient.

I can be different than I really am.

I can have peace.

I can have grace.

I can let go of being perfect and accept His grace.

I can have joy.

I can bear His fruit.

I can get through it.


What are some things he’s giving you the strength to do?



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5 responses to “All Things Through Him

  1. Janet

    Really needed these words tonight. This mama had a tough day. Thanks for the encouragement you share here.

  2. Let’s see ….put the girls to bed without yelling. Wash the pile of dishes – even by hand. Finally mop the floor. Read a book that my very wonderful, very missed friend gave to me. ;)

    • Chelsey

      you are very missed also, my wonderful friend. just move back already ;) i love the things you shared. for the longest time I never thought about THOSE kind of things being the kind of thing that God would help me with. now i find that all these normal, every day tasks, can actually be powerful moments of God moving me.

  3. Love this! Beauitful!

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