5 Simple Ways to Say “HelloMornings” All Day Long

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Starting the Day Off Right

As you know, since the beginning of 2011, I’ve been trying to get up early to pray, read, and gain focus for my day.  When I have done this, I start the day off with such peace, focus, and strength.

But as my sweet children rise and our day begins, something starts to happen.  Slowly, it builds, slowly, it steals my joy.  Too many tasks, trying to meet a deadline, children asking for food, drink, toys, help, children hurting themselves, children getting into things, phone ringing, someone texts, the TV is too loud, someone needs their diaper changed — I find it hard to see God in these moments.  He is there, but I cannot see Him.  My focus is narrowed to this one chaotic moment and I cannot see any further than that.

This is a guest post at Inspired to Action.  Please head over there to read the rest of the post, and there is a giveaway too!


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