The last day.

Friday was our last day in Estonia. We woke up and had breakfast at the usual time (8:00) and then left around 8:45 for Old Town as many of us needed to grab some last minute souvineers. We only had about 30 minutes and then we needed to take the tramm to the bus station to go to Rakvere.

Rakvere is about 1.5 hours from Tallinn and Everett was there to greet us and take me with him to do their wedding photography. The rest of the group went to get lunch at a grocery store while I ate pancakes at a little bakery. I went on to do wedding photography and the group toured the castle.

We left around 3pm to walk to the bus station and get on the 4pm bus. Once we were back in Tallinn we trammed to Lido for a quick supper and then walked to the theatre to watch the last Harry Potter movie. A bunch of our friends watched it with us and afterward, more friends joined us for a rainy walk through Old Town. We went up to a look out point and spent time visiting with our friends. We all walked back to the hotel together and there were some tearful goodbyes.

We were all up late packing (I went to bed around 12:45) and up early (I was up at 3:45am) to taxi to the airport. Several friends were there to see us off, which made us feel pretty special since it was incredibly early in the morning. We said a prayer together as a group an were off through security.

A quick 30 minute flight later and we land in Helsinki, Finland for a 7 hour layover! Free wireless helps pass the time, some are reading, some are cross-stitching and many of us have been sleeping on the floor (myself included). I actually slept on the flight over too and woke up as we landed. Not always the nicest way to wake up ;)

I, myself, am trying hard to manage my sleep on the way home to try and minimize jetlag. There is a 9hr time change! So I slept a bit here and now I will try to stay up til the Helsinki-London flight where I plan to sleep. Then I might nap in London if possible based on both length of layover and if I will physically be able to. I want to try to stay up as much as possible on the London-Calgary flight to be ready for bed at the proper time at home, as we arrive at 7:55pm. Looking forward to loving on my babies when I get there!












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