Social Media Fast

I’ve decided to go on a social media fast for an undetermined amour of time. I’ve been feeling so lost and unfocused and I finally realized it’s because I’m not spending much time praying, seeking God, enjoying real moments. When I have a spare moment, I grab my phone and surf the web because it doesn’t require any effort.

Though I’m not going to be checking Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or other blog readers, I may still post Instagrams or other updates through a 3rd party app (hootsuite) that allows me to make an update but doesn’t tempt me to spend a lot of time there.

Of course I will still respond to e-mails and any Facebook messages I may receive, unquestionably any of those that are work-related. Also, whenever I get to editing the rest of my Estonia 2011 images I plan to post those too, as I know many are wanting to see them and Facebook is such a great platform for sharing images with friends and family.

I’ve deleted all the social media apps from my phone, except WordPress (I still plan to blog!) and Hootsuite.

So pray for me! My goal is to refocus my heart and get ready for the new year. I have been feeling a holy discontent with the state of my heart and I have been feeling God nudging me in a couple of directions within the ministries I am involved in. I am praying for His leadership and guidance, and I am wanting to draw closer to Him than ever before. I’ll miss all the fun parts of social media and I’ll miss the updates from those so close to me, but I am going to enjoy living in real time, in the moment with those in my presence.






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2 responses to “Social Media Fast

  1. Bethany

    I really really enjoy this picture of you and Peter. Both of your faces are amazing!

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