Fast Update

Peter keeps bugging me about my social media fast, calling me a cheater because he sees little updates from me on Facebook or Twitter (he didn’t read my blog post on how this fast was gonna go down, so it’s really his own fault).

My main purpose of the fast is to not be ON these media so much, and so far, I have not been reading the news feeds or streams. If you see an update from me, it is usually via instagram, or because I wrote a blog post. Both instagram and wordpress automatically update my streams. There have been a couple of times that I have uploaded pictures, or made an update, or just check in on my notifications and messages and I’m just fine with that. It’s my fast and I can do it how I want to. The point is that I’m not wasting my time online and I haven’t been.

By the first day I was already noticing a difference in how much attention I was giving to my children, and how much more focused I have been. I have been reading some good spiritual books, playing games with my kids and enjoying the small moments, and trying new recipes. Before, I’d just be like, “meh that’s too much effort, I’ll just check Facebook.” Seriously. That’s ugly. I want to be present in the moment and take part in my real life. At this point, it has been so good, I’m not sure I will ever make a full return to the social media world. I’m just not sure that it brings as much good into my life as my real, present life.

I also like that because I’m not making as many updates or reading so many updates, I am updating my blog more, which makes me happy because I like my blog more than my Facebook profile :) I still think tweets or status updates but I don’t feel the desire to make them known to everyone anymore. Status updates are 1 inch deep, blog posts usually have more depth. Usually. The only thing is, no one comments on blog posts, so that part is a little less fun.


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  1. Monica

    Ok, I’ll comment on your blog post then! Good for you on making conscious choices of how to better spend your time, you’re a good example for the rest of us!

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