We are happy today, oh yes, we’re happy today.

Ezra slept until 7:15! I had between 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep :). Ezra seems happy to see all of his toys, and has not been grumpy one bit this morning! No fits yet, which is just fine with me. I suppose we both really needed to be home after being away from home for 4 of the past 6 weeks!





We will have a busy week getting back to normal at home. Laundry and unpacking, groceries, I have to go to the lab today for maternal bloodwork, 18-20 week ultrasound tomorrow, midwife appointment on Thursday and I need to see my regular doctor sometime very soon too! Also, lots of editing to get to from weddings and photo shoots and a meeting Tuesday night! Oh, and I’m back to my social media fast and no grains/sugar diet (I majorly fell of the diet wagon while away, way too many temptations!)

Did I mention that my little girl starts kindergarten on Sept 1?!


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  1. I’m in the same boat Chelsey…unpacking from camping, laundry to do, toddler to potty train, cleaning up after house renovations, yardwork, getting Jesse ready for school, and to top it all off – having to get over a bad cold bug that keeps me up coughing all night so I don’t even sleep. I’ve even started up my no grains/no sugar diet again too (I agree…it’s way harder to stick to when you are away from home). I could stand to have a few extra hours in my day! :o)

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