Fighting Words

It begins with passion and excitement.

A prompting from the Lord; a call to something.  I accept His calling, as I made a decision long ago to live a “yes” life.

Somewhere along the way, Satan wedges himself into my heart.  He plants little seeds, seeds that grow into weeds and choke out the fruit:

“You’re not good enough.

You can’t do it.

Why would anyone listen to you?”

These words freeze me, paralyze me, and I find myself unable to move.

I step down from ministry leader positions, I can’t find the words to write.

I am fighting him with prayer.  Fighting him, so I can walk again.

Praying for confidence in the Lord, for strength, for God to use me, little old me, in whatever way He wants to.


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One response to “Fighting Words

  1. Ruth

    I hear you Chelsey. I know that choking feeling. I feel it too in many ways. You aren’t alone. Your words as you have written so many times have really been helpful to me as a mom and a wife. Knowing that we aren’t alone in our struggles to walk this tight rope that we do every day. My prayer for you is that whatever is holding you back will slip away so that the person God’s created can shine through. Even this thoughts today have held me up. We aren’t alone ever.

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