33 Week Update


Here I am, somehow 33 weeks into my third pregnancy. We have been so busy since May when we received a positive test, that this pregnancy feels like it has just flown by. I am sure the weeks will start to feel a bit more draggy as I grow bigger and more uncomfortable, and as we wait for baby to make his appearance. The due date is January 8 and I am in no rush for baby to come before then. I don’t really want baby to be late either, though. Since Eva was 10 days early and Ezra was 9 days late, a due date baby would be just perfect this time around.

So, I’m noticing lots of changes lately. My whole belly just feels like baby. There is a certain hardness to it now where you just know that’s the baby there. His head has been down for like 6 weeks already, and I am always feeling little feet in my right side. Sometimes it actually hurts! He’s running out of room in there! It is weird to think of him just being in there, upside down all the time (except when I’m laying down) but I am always glad when my baby’s head is down as we approach the labor zone. So far, I’ve never had to worry about baby being breech and not turning around in time.

Baby moves a lot and sometimes it feels like he’s shaking my whole body! My belly really moves around a lot, especially at night when I lay down. Sometimes I wake up and he’s already been up and moving in there. Always such an interesting and cherished sensation. I get really sad when I think of possibly never experiencing it again.

I am feeling the need to take it easier now, sitting more and kicking my feet up. I can feel a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor if i’m on my feet too much, and I’m also starting to notice slight swelling of the feet too. Trying to drink lots of water to keep my body from hoarding it all and causing swelling. Swelling was so bad with Ezra and I’d love to avoid swelling like that, if possible.

Sharp back pain is still there, especially after a long day. Once I lay down, I’m pretty much stuck. My back hurts so much and will send sharp pains if I try to roll over or get up. I have to be very strategic (and slow!) in my movements in order to avoid the pain. I am thankful that, so far, this pain was worse with Ezra and better this time around.

I was doing well on my diet but haven’t been as diligent recently. I did the two hour glucose test and my sugar levels came back within normal range but I was avoiding all sugar and most grains at the time. I had to fast for 10hrs prior to the test, then they take your blood. Then you have to drink the nasty, orange sugar drink and they take your blood one hour and then two hours afterward. Not much fun! I was so happy to be able to eat after this test.

I am measuring within normal range, but I am below the 50th percentile for size so my midwives aren’t very concerned right now that baby will be a whopper like Ezra. I think it was around 35-36 weeks with Ezra that I had a sudden jump and had to go for an ultrasound to check on his size. At every appointment I am just waiting for the same news… But so far so good!

I am also noticing shortness of breath as baby gets bigger. Sometimes I’m just standing and making supper or something and I just can’t breathe! And I get heartburn in the evenings sometimes too, but not too badly. Oh, and leg cramps and even foot cramps while sleeping. Sometimes even foot cramps during the day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a foot cramp before, so this is new to me!

I am all done my photography work now and will just spend the next 6 weeks resting and nesting, getting things ready for baby.

Thanks for reading!



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