I just spent some time reading through our blog from the most recent post back to just before we left for Estonia.  How fun to have this little journal to read, with pictures and stories from our lives?  It has inspired me to get back to blogging our lives a bit more, it really doesn’t take much effort just to write out little things we did or things I’m thinking about.  Nothing gets me started on a blog roll than a rambling post, one with no direction or point, I just kind of start it and hope I’ll find it along the way.

So, it’s December 10 today, snow is falling outside my window, but I can’t see it because Eva insisted we close all the windows so that she could be “under the stars”, which really just means she wants to see the glow of the Christmas lights.  Ezra is napping and Eva is quietly playing.  I mean quietly.  She’s whispering.  I love quiet afternoons.  I have an eggnog latte in hand and I just ate two declicious sugar cookies.  All is well.

Speaking of sugar cookies, I’ve totally decided to just give up on my no grains and sugar diet.  FREEDOM!  Ha.  It is great to actually feel full most of the time since I get to eat things like bread and pasta now.  Still trying to make sure I get healthy food into this 36 week pregnant body of mine, and lots of water too (I am so terrible about drinking water!).  But I’m enjoying my treats too.  I plan to make a 36 week update so I won’t go into any pregnancy details, except this… can you believe that it’s only 4 weeks til my due date!?  I certainly cannot.  I can’t even fathom that a new little person is joining our family so soon.  Seriously mind blowing.

PS – Check me out at 37 weeks pregnant with Eva. This whole being pregnant at Christmastime with a baby due at the beginning of January thing feels a little familiar.

The children and I skipped church this morning.  Eva came into our room on Friday night with a terrible earache and a quick trip to the walk-in doctor confirmed that she not only has an ear infection but strep throat as well.  Since she is contagious until she’s been on antibiotics for 24 hours, we had to skip.  It was very strange saying goodbye to Pastor Peter and staying at home with the kids, definitely does NOT feel like a Sunday to me!  Regardless, this tired mama is counting it as a little gift.  I love you church, and you are very important to me, but I’m 36 weeks pregnant, Peter was leading worship which meant we had to leave the house at 8:30, which means I had to get up at like 6:30 just to get us ready to go, and then we would be at the church until about 3PM since we are doing a Real Life Ministries small group after church too.  Oh, and since Peter was leading worship today, it would mean that I would be 100% on my own with the kids during church.  We pretty much never miss church, unless we are out of town, which means we are just going to church in another town anyway, so forgive me for slightly enjoying the break today :)

Anyway, I’m gonna sign off now before this gets too long and rambly.  Hoping to post more this week!



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