Sickness Update


So, lots of you already know we’ve had quite the round of sickness at our house recently. It started at the beginning of December with an ear infection for Eva. Antibiotics. Then at Christmas we noticed she couldn’t really hear and was complaining about a sore ear, but in a different way than when it was infected. Of course, we were a bit busy with having a baby and all so we took her back to the doctor. More antibiotics. Giving her more antibiotics didn’t seem right to me, especially since she was just on them and it also didn’t clear anything up with her hearing so we made an appointment with our family doctor.

Meanwhile, Isaac has jaundice so I go to the hospital for that and had several midwife visits.

So, our doctor had us give Eva ear drops to soften a wax build up that was blocking her view of the ear drum. Good ole walk-in doctor didn’t say anything about that. Just saw some redness in one ear and automatically hands out antibiotics. Our family doctor explained that redness doesn’t always mean infection, and that Eva likely has a fluid build-up in her ears that is pressing on the ear drum and that’s why she can’t hear. We go home and give them to her every night and during that time, Ezra starts showing signs of pink eye. He also has a fever and a cold so we suspect it is from a virus (as per google) and don’t rush him to the doctor right away. At this point, I honestly couldn’t handle another doctor visit anyway!


Then, my throat starts hurting and I’m coughing. Two days later, my throat feels better, still coughing, but now Peter is really sick with a sore throat and fever and chills and he ends up on antibiotics. He’s sleeping more than me during the day and I’m up at night with a newborn! Good thing we have extra hands at this point, we still had Grandparents around. Ezra’s eyes clear up but he is still coughing and has a constantly running nose.

Then, Eva starts coughing, her eyes are red and she has a fever. Had a follow up appointment with the family doctor and she’s being sent for a hearing test and to have her inner ear tube checked for fluid build-up. Hope they call soon, last time she had a hearing test it took a couple months before she had her appointment. No pink eye though, and no throat infection. Yet, I think.

So now, Eva and Ezra are coughing like CRAZY. Barking, really. And fevers. And other unpleasantries that I won’t mention. Peter’s better from his throat infection and I was feeling pretty good for a couple days. I feel like I’m starting to cough again too, so either they have a different strain of cold than I had before (is that possible?) or I am being driven mad by being trapped in a house with two constantly coughing little people that I am mimicking them?


Also, I just need to comment on how sad it is that Eva can’t hear us. Lots of times she just pretends like she hears us and she responds to us in ways that are totally out of context by saying things like “really?” or just nodding. It is also really hard to say things loudly but still sound nice. I feel like I’m yelling at her all the time!

So, if you haven’t already drawn the conclusion, I am very ready for everyone to be healthy and back to normal. Isaac has managed to stay healthy, must be all the breastmilk. At this point, I’m honestly ready to start pumping and serving it to all of us.



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3 responses to “Sickness Update

  1. mom

    Hang in there Chelsey! Love you so much! This too shall pass! Mom

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