Apps I Love.

I’ve been asked quite a bit lately which photo apps I use so I thought I’d share them here, along with a few others.


Camera+ – I just recently got this app, but I wonder why I waited so long? Oh yeah, because I’m cheap and try not to pay for apps, even the $0.99 ones. But this one will be worth your pennies. Camera+ has an image stabilizer, burst mode and a self-timer, as well as a number of different scenes and filters that help to make your images that much better.


Instagram – obviously. Most people who follow me on Facebook would already notice this since I post so many of them. Not only does Instagram have filters and a charming square crop, it is also its own social network which is fun. Instagram also allows you to instantly post your images to Facebook, Twitter and various other social networks. I plan to make an Instagram book, especially after my 365. Oh, and did I mention Instagram is free?


Pic Frame – I use this app to make all the fun little photo collages. They have tons of layouts to choose from.


Phonto – This is how I incorporate text with my images.


Pocketbooth – this is a fun photobooth app that I do not make enough use of. It has the full photo booth experience! I love the little strip of photos it creates.

Non-photo-related Apps I Recommend


WordPress – I use this app to write all my blogs now. It took a little getting used to but now I’m getting pretty good at adding pictures and links and typing up blogs with my thumbs. I have been using this app to blog since our Estonia trip this past summer. I know there is a blogger app out there for those of you who blog with blogger.


Holy Bible by You Version – God’s inspired word? Yeah, there’s an app for that. This app is awesome (no pun intended). It has tons of translations and languages, and they often have special offers where you can download a translation to your phone/touch so that you can read it even without wireless/3G access. This app also has tons of bible reading plans for whole or partial bible or devotional reading plans. I have done the Bible in 90 Days plan and am currently doing the One Year Bible plan. The readings are all laid out for you! Yes, I like reading an actual bible better but this app is always with me and I’d rather read a digital bible than no bible at all!


Just Light – this is just a simple little app that turns your phone into a light. That’s all it does. The screen goes white and doesn’t turn off until you turn it off, which is perfect for me right now while nursing in the middle of the night. You can adjust the intensity of the light by adjusting the brightness in your settings. I also use this light while traveling and sharing a room with my kids. It helps me to find my way in a dark room with sleeping children and also allows me to read before bed, without turning on an actual lamp.


1000 Gifts – for anyone who has read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, this app acts as a journal to record your many daily gifts through text and images.

I’m not overly tech-savvy but these are a few apps that I love, most of which, I use every day. What apps do you love?


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