Sickness Update #2

Oh my goodness, you guys. I’m kinda hitting desperation mode here with this whole plethora of illness thing we have going on at our house. This is what’s been going on since my last sickness update:

Eva and Ezra are still coughing, but much less and seem to be getting rest at night. I am coughing a bit, but really not that much. Peter has been suffering from a sore throat, again.

I thought Isaac was getting sick because he was spitting up or throwing up in large quantities on Sunday but it may have been something I was eating. He is still quite the puker if I don’t get to burping him at the exact right time, but he is really difficult to burp, in my opinion. So I spend all this time trying to burp him and give up either because he hasn’t burped or he’s fallen asleep. I’ll lay him down and he spits/throws up. Ugh! He even does it while he’s sleeping! Other than that, he seems to be okay other than a small diaper rash (his first!).

Now Eva.. Eva, Eva, Eva. This is what I just can’t handle anymore. Her hearing comes and goes. The other night she came into our room bothered because it felt like there is water in her ears. Around this time, I noticed her hearing seemed to go again so it makes sense to me that the fluid had built up again. But what do I know? That hearing test can’t come soon enough… We are still waiting on the call to set up the appointment. Last time it seemed to take a couple months!

So she’s still dealing with an unmentionable unpleasant side effect from the last dose of antibiotics, the cure for said unpleasantry makes her cry every time. She and Ezra seem to have warm foreheads every other day, not super hot so I haven’t been administering Tylenol but still. Tylenol makes Eva cry too, so does cough syrup. She also seemed to be complaining about feeling sick pretty much every other day or at meal times, which has made it difficult to know whether or not she actually feels sick or just doesn’t feel like eating (she’s extremely picky) or going to school or church.

Yesterday she came home from school complaining about feeling itchy. I took a look and yep, the entire trunk of her body is covered in a sunburn-esque rash and little bumps. Fever is back and she didn’t hardly eat anything all day, didn’t even drink milk, which should’ve been a signal something was up because she loves her milk, it’s like a security blanket of sorts. Rash is spreading to face and down arms and legs. Not sure if its an allergy or reaction to different soap or something from school but I spent the night googling various childhood illnesses involving rashes and none seem to match her symptoms. Today the sunburn-ness is gone and she just has patches of little bumps on her chest and back. And her face looks awful. Its still kinda red and rashy looking and her lips looked kinda swollen. Then I realized they are chapped and she’s been licking them so I put vaseline on them and guess what, she cried about it! Her knuckles are dried out and red and sore too and this is how I know I can’t be a nurse because I find it hard to even put simple lotion on a resistant child. Or administer tylenol. Tylenol people!

So it’s at this point that I’m wondering if we can just get a room at the hospital and they can hook us all up to IVs and someone else can nurse everyone back to health because I just can’t do it anymore. If we ever have another baby, I vow to do my best to have it be born in spring or summer, not during sickie season.



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2 responses to “Sickness Update #2

  1. Kimberley Bye

    I feel for this poor young mother doing her best! Hugs

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