It was one of those moments you want to stay in forever. One of those moments you can’t capture with a camera, no matter how hard you try so you are forced to take a mental picture to store up in your heart forever.

My two eldest laying on the bed and the warm glow of the lamp on the bedside table. The sound of paper rubbing together as I turn the page on the book. Footed pajamas. The girl’s long hair and the way her eyes turn to crescents when she laughs. The way their laughter fills the air so I can breathe it in and take it right into my soul. The way it causes laughter from my own heart. The baby and how his soft little body fits perfectly in the arms of my beloved. The first boy with his hair so white and that little extra tooth that snuck right into the front row of his mouth. All of us together and how each of us was smiling, really smiling.

It was one of those moments that could’ve easily passed us by. Just one of many moments that make up a day. I will forget those times where insanity seemed so close, the children fighting and screaming.

I choose to keep this moment instead.



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3 responses to “Bedtime.

  1. Grandma

    I love you Chelsey, beautiful words, beautiful moments, beautiful family! Thank you! Love, mama

  2. Kimberley Bye

    Maybe you can’t catch it in a picture but you did capture it in words…because I saw and felt your moment!! Truly beautiful writing from the heaart Chelsey!!

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