Happy Leap Day!

This post brought to you by the 7pm feeding!

Since it’s leap day I thought I’d better post a blog since I won’t have this opportunity for 4 more years. What can I say, I sure know how to seize the day. So this post will be a little bit of a brain dump, just a bunch of rambling. Enjoy!





Eva had her hearing test on Monday. Her last test was in November and her hearing is normal. She had a bad ear infection in December and her ear was bugging her all through December and into January and her hearing would come and go. Her hearing at the time of the test was back but the test results revealed that her hearing was now “borderline normal”, so not as good as it was in November. I guess this is pretty normal after a bad ear infection, especially considering she still has fluid build up pressing on her ear drum in her left ear. The audiologist didn’t think that she would need drainage tubes inserted at this point but it is possible if her ear infections become more chronic or if her hearing seems to get worse. We will likely see a specialist to see what he or she thinks and go from there.


My dear friend, Buffy, and her three kidlets arrived on Sunday afternoon from Fort McMurray and it’s been a busy few days since then! We’ve been taking the kids out in the mornings and hanging around the house for the afternoons and into the evenings. With six kids under six in the house, I think it’s safe to say that we are all pretty exhausted by evening! The kids are (mostly) having fun together and the moms are too! Buffy and I used to always hang out together in Calgary and pile all of our kids into her van and go on outings. Now, I have just as many kids as she does and my very own mini van. We joke that I’m all growed up.


Poor husband has been sick since Sunday. He woke up with a headache on Sunday morning and pretty much hasn’t left bed since Sunday night except to soak his sore muscles and throbbing head in a hot bath. He also said it felt like he was swallowing glass every time he swallowed. He finally went to the doctor today and it turns out he is dehydrated which is what has caused his migraine to last so long and he has open ulcers on his throat. Crazy. He is antibiotics and neocitran and has a throat spray for the pain. Hopefully he will be on the mend soon… I need him to resume getting up early with Ezra so I can get a little more sleep! Oh yeah, and for his sake too.




We went to Ikea today with our moms and tots group. The kids love Ikea and Eva gets to go play in a supervised play area while I got to go eat a cheap $1 breakfast of eggs, sausage and hashbrowns. Ezra had some too. Then we walked through the whole store doing a scavenger hunt and because the kids found all the Swedish horses they were supposed to for the hunt, they won a little stuffed animal and a free frozen yogurt! Fun times.

I leave you with this:


Show me the right path, O Lord ;
point out the road for me to follow. (Psalm 25:4 NLT)


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