Happy 2nd Birthday, Ezra!


Happy Birthday to my oldest son.  It has been quite a year.  You have grown and changed so much since your first birthday, you learned to walk, you learned to talk (a bit, even if I’m pretty much the only one who understands you), and you learned to scream.  You’re screaming right now actually, and it’s making it a little hard to write a lovey dovey letter to you, haha.  The truth is, it is so hard to believe you are two today because you have been acting so very two since you were about 16 months old.  It was at that time that Dad and I went to Estonia for over two weeks without you and you were never the same after that.  I have never been able to tell if our leaving you caused it or you were just destined to be a strong-willed toddler (like your father was) but either way, here we are.  I’m not gonna sugar coat it for you, my dear, and maybe this will provide some kind of insight to you when you find yourself grown and a father to a strong-willed child, but I spend most of my days on eggshells with you.  I never really know what will set you off, because any little thing can and you will scream and whine over it until you suddenly decide not to anymore.  Then you transform into this sweet little boy who is laughing and fun!  You are a boy who definitely knows what he wants and I’m sure that you will make a great leader some day!  And the world needs some more of those, so I pray that you will be a strong leader for God in your marriage, family and work-life.

Here are some things that you love:

– trains, trucks, cars, buses — vehicles of any sort.  Who needs fancy toys and field trips, a drive through the neighborhood is quite thrilling for you as you point out all the vehicles you see.  “Buh” is still your word for bus; you haven’t quite got the “s” on the end yet.
– cuddling with mommy after nap
– reading books
– watching TV — it’s practically a sin to admit it publicly these days, but TV is honestly my saving grace.  It’s always there for me (and you) when I can’t handle the screaming anymore and I might lose my temper!
– baby Isaac – you always greet him with “HI ISAAC!” and a huge smile, and love paying attention to your baby brother.  Not such a fan of your older sister right now, although there are times that you two play together nicely, and I relish in those moments.
– milk – you started out calling it “muck”, then “nuck” and now it’s “now”.  Someday you’ll get it.  You aren’t able to drink cow’s milk because you are sensitive to it and react when you drink it, and you love it so much and it is such a comfort to you that you are pretty much breaking our bank account with your rice milk addiction.  That stuff is expensive!

I love you, sweet boy.  I love your blonde little head, your big blue eyes and your huge smile.  I love watching you happily explore the world around you.

Happy birthday.

Love, Mama

(Remember this? One month, Two Months, Three Months, Four Months, Five, Six, Seven and Eight Months, Nine and Ten Months, Eleven Months, Twelve Months)




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6 responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday, Ezra!

  1. LaVonne Roberts

    I so love this little man! He is amazing and beautiful and so full of life! I love you Ezra Willis, your great grandpa would be your biggest fan, if he were here! Happy 2nd Birthday, from your grandpa and grandma Roberts, we love you so very much!

  2. Kim Bye

    This literally brought tears to my eyes! Loved the pictures and the song!!! We love you Ezra!!! You bring a smile to our lips and warmth to our hearts!
    Thanks Chelsey for the beautiful memories wrapped up in the video. So great! <3

  3. Kimberley Bye

    Just read it! Watched the video this morning and enjoyed it so much :) Love your honesty Chelsey, and your love! Great birthday letter!

  4. He is just a cutie!

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