Sickness Update #3


Just when the thought crossed my mind that no one was sick anymore, someone was sick. Last Wednesday night, shortly after being tucked into bed, Eva started throwing up. Thankfully she only was sick twice in the night and they were really close together so we all still got some sleep. Well, the next night, I woke up at 2:45 am not feeling well and it took me an hour of self-talk (“don’t throw up, don’t throw up, you’re not sick, just go to sleep”) before I finally succumbed to the virus and was sick. Thankfully, just the once. I felt nasty the whole next morning but was better by Friday afternoon, even took the kids out for a walk.


Friday night, Eva came into our room and threw up literally everywhere that she could possibly throw up because we didn’t have a bucket for her and Peter was trying to carry her to the bathroom. It took an hour to clean up all the sheets (our bed and hers, I guess she was sick in her own bed first before coming to ours), clothes, bathroom mats, etc. It was very strange because she hadn’t been sick for over 24 hours! Thankfully, again, it was just the one time.

Two weeks ago, I noticed a clear fluid coming out of Ezra’s ear, pondered it a moment, wiped it away and went on with my week. A week after I first noticed the fluid, I noticed it again, and was more alarmed. I planned to take Ezra to the doctor the next morning, but then Eva got sick, and I got sick, and that Friday night (the same day I was sick), after I started to feel better, I noticed he had dried blood around the opening to the ear canal. I wanted to take him into Alberta Children’s Hospital right that moment but couldn’t because Peter was at Youth Group with the van (and all the car seats). Peter took both Ezra and Eva into the ER at ACH Saturday morning and waited 3 hours. Ezra apparently had an ear infection that burst his ear drum. Eva just had a stomach bug. The doctor thought Ezra seemed really pale (which we always comment on) and was worried about his iron levels. They did a blood test to check for anemia and to check his iron levels. I wasn’t there, but I know it wasn’t fun for anyone involved. They wrapped Ezra up in a blanket and had a few people hold him down while they took the blood from him. Apparently he had a full-on screaming fit, rolling around on the ground for 20 minutes in the room they were in, then screamed all the way out to the car through the busy waiting room, and continued screaming for 10 more minutes down the road. Peter called me in the middle of this screaming fit hoping that the sound of my voice might calm him down. I think he was too beyond himself to even hear me, but it sure hurt my mama heart to hear my little boy so upset and not be able to be there to try and help him. Or maybe it was a blessing I wasn’t there, I can’t decide. It would have definitely been a little stressful!


So Ezra is on an oral antibiotic and an antibiotic ear drop (which he loves… sarcasm), and so far this week everyone else seems to be doing well! Ezra is not anemic and his iron levels are fine, he’s just really caucasian. (Update: my husband just called me after reading this blog and apparently the Dr. called on Sunday while I was out and it slipped his mind but Ezra’s iron levels are a bit low and we need to focus on feeding him more iron-rich foods.)  The sun has been shining and it has been warm enough to go out for lots of walks and trips to the playground. I am loving being able to get outside with the kids and can’t wait to be far away from this sick season!

(Sickness update #1, Sickness update #2)


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