Ezra’s Morning Alarm & Embrace the Camera


Dear Ezra,

Today, you woke up early.  I could hear you stirring but I kept drifting in and out of sleep, waiting for Daddy to get up with you.  I heard the crinkle, crinkle, but I still fell back asleep.  Suddenly, at 7:00, we heard the house alarm going off and I quickly woke Daddy to go see what was going on.  He found you in the laundry room, opening the door to the garage (hence, setting off the house alarm, good thing we have that thing!).  It appeared you had blood all over your face and hands but after further investigation we discovered it was just residue from the breakfast of ketchup chips in which you helped yourself to (crinkle, crinkle).  We also discovered you had a mess in your diaper, but not just in your diaper, also down your legs and into your socks.

It was quite the way to wake up, but we’re glad it happened otherwise Eva may have been late for school, since Daddy and I both sort of forgot she had school today.  After cleaning you up and getting Eva ready and sent off to school, you and I prepared stew for the slow cooker while Isaac napped.  We played with cars and we chased each other, you helped me make my latte and we watched Toy Story 3 together.

I love you, you crazy little man.

Love, Mama.





by | April 19, 2012 · 10:58 am

2 responses to “Ezra’s Morning Alarm & Embrace the Camera

  1. I love this letter! I woke many mornings to a little guy I call Stevie wonder. There was one summer morning I woke to hearing the door close. When I jumped up to see what it could have been my sweet Stephen was coming back inside with an handful of wild flowers from the yard. BOY! We could have used one of those alarms. Stephen is now 17 and still the most active and sweetest guy you would ever want to meet :)

  2. Good heavens! Okay – note to self: invest in house alarm system.

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