Isaac was 3 months and is now 4 months old!

Isaac, you’re four months old now.  I know that I didn’t write you a letter when you turned 3 months, but I definitely didn’t forget about your little milestone.  I intended to write you a letter and time just went on and before I knew it you were almost 4 months old so I decided to wait and write them together.

Right after you turned 2 months old we had some visitors, Buffy and the kids!  Now not only did you have your big brother and sister to dote on you, but three cousins as well!  We went on several outings while they were here, my first on my own with 3 kids but it didn’t feel that scary because I always had Buffy there to help me if I needed it.

Soon after that, we celebrated big brother Ezra’s second birthday!  I think this was the first birthday “party” you went to, although Ezra is just so two that we decided to keep it just family again for this year.

We had another outing to the park, just mama and the kids and everyone did well!  You wanted to be moving constantly in the stroller and Ezra was scaring me by wanting to go down the biggest slides and climb to the highest parts of the park.  So I was running back and forth between the two of you and felt rather ready to go home afterward!

You and I went to Eva’s school on March 15 to help out and all of her Kindergarten classmates just loved you!  The teachers too!  You are probably the favorite volunteer of this year :)  Eva was so proud to bring her baby brother to school and show him off.

Isaac, the truth is, you just keep growing.  You had your 2-month needles on March 12 and weighed 14lbs 2oz (6.42kg).  You were 59cm tall and had a head circumference of 40.5cm.  I had to pack up your 0-3 month clothes and it was just kind of sad.  That might be the last time I ever fold such tiny clothes of my own children.  Now you are 4 months old and it’s already almost time to bring out the next size of clothes.  Don’t you remember I told you to stay little?

Right  before you turned 3 months old we went to the Bailey’s cabin in the mountains for our Young Adults Retreat.  It was your first time to British Columbia!  You did so well on the trip there and back (and brother and sister also kept from getting car sick on that windy road, so Mom and Dad were very happy!).  I wasn’t able to sit in the back of the van with you because we brought ourselves and all of the food for the weekend so we were packed full!  You fussed a bit on the way there but we made it and you slept most of the way home!

The weekend after the Young Adults Retreat, we went out to Regina to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Roberts and to attend the final homecoming of Western Christian College, where Dad attended high school and some college too.  This school is a big part of Roberts’ heritage so it was really cool to be there since it is closing at the end of this school year.  All of your aunts and uncles and cousins came to Regina for the weekend too, so it was a crazy but fun weekend!  It was your first time back to your birth place.  I still can’t believe you were born there!

You started giggling sometime around 3 months.  Daddy is sure that he got the first giggle on video but you started giggling for sure right before our trip to Regina.  At first, I’d try to get you to giggle and you’d get so close but then just end up getting the hiccups and spitting up!  Quite the opposite reaction of what I wanted!  But now you are quite the giggly little guy, ticklish too.  I just love seeing you smile and hearing you giggle.  You are also getting quite chatty!  Just last week you starting blabbing away and really finding your voice!  It is so fun to hear you making so many different noises.

Also, right before the trip to Regina you started taking your soother!  It makes me so happy.  Must be the brand.  You prefer Playtex.

Your sleep pattern hasn’t been great lately.  Between 2-3 months you were sleeping 7 hours, waking 5 minutes (literally!) to eat and then sleeping a couple more hours!  I think it is my fault, but now you seem to be sleeping only a few hours and wanting a little bite to eat before going back to sleep.  I’m so tired from having two other kids that it is just easy to bring you into bed and fall asleep nursing you, so that’s why it may be my fault.  You are still in a bassinet in our room so maybe it’s time to move you to your crib and see how it goes.  I’d really love some more sleep, little man, but I feel you are too young for sleep training just yet.

You  had your first Easter and we had a hunt at our house and then went out to the Zorn’s farm for an outdoor hunt and a wiener roast.  You didn’t really seem to care about any of that stuff, but your siblings sure did!

It’s getting warmer and we’ve been spending more time outside and you even graduated from the bassinet attachment for the stroller to the actual seat.  You look so cute in it!  It was 26 degrees the other day and you wore just a little onesie.  I loved seeing your chubby little legs and your little toes sticking out from the stroller!

You are still just such an easy going, happy little guy.  Your neck is getting stronger, you are doing better in the Bumbo seat (at first you were a little floppy!) and you are even starting to bounce a little bit in the Exersaucer.  Yesterday I even saw you grab at one of the little toys on the Exersaucer, could’ve been a fluke but I know it won’t be long before you are grabbing onto everything and exploring your world even more.  In the last week (April 22-28) you even rolled over from your back to your tummy!  You did it three days in a row, so it’s the real deal.

I took this last photo with my phone on April 26, the day you turned 4 months.  You are just so cute.  I love spending my days with you.  I still love the feel of your baby head against my cheek and how your body will suddenly relax in my arms and I know you are asleep.  Your little baby noises and the way your tongue curls around in your mouth as you make them.  Your fat little feet and chubby legs and fuzzy little hairs on your head.  The way you bury your face into my neck when you are tired and going to sleep, or the way you cover your eyes with your hands when you’re falling asleep laying on the couch.  You are just so sweet.

Love, Mama.



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2 responses to “Isaac was 3 months and is now 4 months old!

  1. Kimberley Bye

    Love reading what you write about your dear children! Sweet, sweet little boy this Isaac is!! We love him so much!

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