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Contest Winner!

Eva helped me pick the winner, check out the video:

Congratulations to my friend, Merlin, from Tartu, Estonia!  Please forgive my pronounciation of your name… I need to come back to Estonia so I can learn to say it properly again!

Thank you so so much to everyone who commented.  It was a lot of fun for me :)  I think I will have to start doing giveaways regularly!



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Last Blog: 28/28.

I laughed a lot today.

I am blessed to have such an amazing family and also such amazing friends.

I can’t believe I actually blogged every day this month, but I really can’t believe that the month is already over.  I am very happy that tomorrow is the first day of March because that means that spring is closer!  Thanks to everyone who read my blogs. 


To celebrate my accomplishment, and encourage commenters to come out of their shell, I am offering a FREE ART PRINT!  All you have to do is leave a comment telling me which February post was your favourite and why.  Those who have commented throughout the month will be added in as many times as you left a comment (does that make sense?).  You will be able to choose a Chelsey Roberts original art photo from flickr, facebook, or my website (in the art gallery). 

The contest will close on Monday, March 2, 2009 at midnight.  I will contact the winner via e-mail, so make sure to enter your e-mail address when you leave your comment!


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It is just past midnight here in Alberta, I am finally back home with my husband! 

I don’t have much to say today except that one of the most positive things about today (and every day) is Eva’s laughter.  She is such a good traveler.  We had so many giggles at lunch with Auntie Joy, on the trip with Kelli and then the sweetest giggles when she was with her daddy again. 

I started to think about the movie Monsters Inc.  At first, the monsters scare the kids to provide energy, but in the end they realize that they get even more energy by making the children laugh.  If this story were true, Eva would be such a great energy source.

Happy Friday everyone!

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It may be past midnight here in Saskatchewan, but where I currently reside, it is still before midnight, therefore I didn’t miss blogging today ;)

I just got home from watching a movie that had some ideas about love that I really didn’t agree with.  Just to let you in on one irritating comment, I’ll share this.  Drew Barrymore is talking with her friend who just met a married man and has feelings for him.  Barrymore shares a story about this guy she knew who was happily married for 15 years, but then met some lady at a church event (of all places!) and ends up divorcing his current wife and now has been married to this new wife for x number of years.  She says: “What if you meet the love of your life but you’ve already married someone else? Are you supposed to let true love pass you by?”

Do people actually subscribe to this kind of love?  I admit, there was a time in my life where I may have believed in and been screwed by today’s definition, or lack-there-of.  But after two hours of this being shoved in my face, I was reminded that I have a choice. Or rather, I make a choice.

[here is the positive part of the blog]  I choose to keep my commitments, for better or worse.  To love my husband, for better or worse.  To love God, for better or worse.  To write a blog every day, for better or worse.

I miss you husband, can’t wait to see you tomorrow :)

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I learned to knit on the way from Calgary to Estevan.  I’ve been knitting up a storm.  I’ve had to unravel my project a couple of times too, to fix a couple of errors and make sure everything is perfect.  I’m putting a lot of time and love into creating this little hat I’m making, and I can’t help but think about God knitting me in my mother’s womb, each stitch with love and care.

I wish I had a picture to share with you, but I left my laptop (and editing software) at home.


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Ash Wednesday/Lent. 24/28

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which marks the first day of Lent.  I have never participated in any kind of ritual for Lent other than realizing a few days late that Lent has begun and “oops maybe next year I will give something up.”

I really do want to spend the next 40 days preparing myself for Easter,  reflecting and repenting.  I want to give something up for the next 40 days, but I’m not sure what.  I admit that I am scared to commit to a sacrafice and then not being able to follow through.  I would be encouraged by hearing what others may be doing for Lent, but if you don’t want it to be public, maybe just send me an email if you feel comfortable with that.

Today I am thankful for a quiet, lazy day with my daughter.  We built a fort, coloured, snuggled, sang, and enjoyed each other’s company (for the most part).  Auntie Joy and Grandma came home and we had an amazing supper and I was able to enjoy watching Grandma and Eva painting together as Joy and I left for tea with friends.  Lots of laughter and full bellies.

It was a great day.

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Only 5 days of daily blogging left!  Can you believe it?

I was able to hang out with my amazing friend Kelli today.  We were talking about Regina and I was telling her that I kind of feel wierd about Regina now, disconnected maybe.  Like maybe it doesn’t feel like home anymore?  Maybe it doesn’t because I’ve been gone just as long as I lived here.

I’ve been thinking about it all day.

Maybe home is where your family and friends are, like Kris says.

One thing I know is true.  The people I have met through Glen Elm are definitely family.  I feel a sense of home when I see them.  I went to a soccer game on Sunday night and I felt so loved by all the Glen Elm folks I ran into.  Every time I see them, I see and feel how much they love me, like parents who have nurtured me, watched me grow, and have now sent me out into the world to make a difference.  I’ve gone to far away places, but they are always here for me when I come back, loving me and knowing me like no other church, just as my own parents.

I remember clearly how welcome Ed made me feel every Saturday night and Sunday.  This one person’s excitement to see me (a total stranger) at church was enough to make me want to keep coming back.  I remember my very first bible study at the Slywka’s house.  Jason lead it.  He too was excited that I was there and made me feel so welcome.  Everyone made me feel so welcome.  I remember that night listening to people share about their desires for their lives with God and I realized that people truly cared about this stuff and it was important to them.

It was amazing to feel so welcome somewhere, to be a part of something.  To be loved.

And it is amazing to still feel so welcome and loved and a part of.

So, in conclusion, it doesn’t matter that I’ve been away longer than I was here, Regina is home, and that’s that.


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